Duality series

A photography series exploring concepts of duality, good & evil, opposites, balance and disharmony. HarmonyModels: Eva Louise & Tilly Disharmony Models: Eva Louise & Tilly SplitModels: Eva Louise & Tilly No good without evilModel: Model: Martina SatoriaDresses: Wyte Phantom Mirror WorldModel: Model: Martina SatoriaDresses: Wyte Phantom FallenModel: Model: Martina SatoriaDresses: Wyte Phantom TemptationModel: Model: Martina…

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Rise of the Snow queen

This was a commission for a model who wanted a creative fantasy Snow Queen shoot. In the story of the Snow queen various characters get corrupted by shards of troll mirror and I wanted to explore the concept that perhaps the Snow queen began as a girl who got a rather large shard. Model: Lynn…

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Why do we do it? series

This is a series that explores the quirks of creatively passionate people (and the people behind them). Mostly explored from the perspective of someone who doesn’t understand the motivations of creatives. Hope and dreams – So you seek a career in the creative arts? Darling I’ve got just what you need. Model: Emma The broken…

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Celestial mother

This was a shoot inspired by the character Yvaine from the film Stardust. Published in POZA magazine. Model: Martina SatoriaMUA: Rochelle Jennison-smithDesigner: Meg Henry (AKA: Elaramoon)

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Swan Lake Series

This is a series comprised of 3 separate shoots inspired by Tchaikovsky’s ballet. Originally I had done separate black & white swan shoots and finished off with a 3rd shoot “the taming of the white swan” that served as a prequel to tie together all 3 shoots to explore the creation of Odette as the…

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White Swan shoot

For the follow up to my Black swan shoot Cathryn once again provided the costume and I was able to get Sigrun, a Icelandic designer who makes Valkyrie inspired headpieces to lend me one of her pieces for this shoot. Our dancer this time (also from Lisa Marie Performing Arts) is Kaela Ferguson, blessed with…

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Black Swan shoot

Going back a few months I wouldn’t have thought it possible for me to convince 3 other talented people to work on one of my projects…. but on this I’ve been able to get Dancer: Poppy, MUA: Rochelle Jennison-Smith and Costume: Cathryn Brown to bring together this Black Swan themed ballet photoshoot, my most elaborate…

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Dance Duet

Small World Back in December dancer/choreographer: Kris Wright contacted me about doing a shoot together and subsequently saw some flour powder photography shots I had done with the students at Lisa Marie Performing Arts in York, he told me he happened to be a ex-student, so I got in touch with the vice principal: Laura…

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