White Swan shoot

For the follow up to my Black swan shoot Cathryn once again provided the costume and I was able to get Sigrun, a Icelandic designer who makes Valkyrie inspired headpieces to lend me one of her pieces for this shoot. Our dancer this time (also from Lisa Marie Performing Arts) is Kaela Ferguson, blessed with amazing lines, suppleness and skill she shone through and all the more amazingly she’s just 15 years old.

Model: Kaela Ferguson, Headpiece: SigRun, Costume: Cathryn Brown

Curse of the white swan – Odette, I curse you to wander the earth as a beast, only the moonlight by this lake will grant you reprieve.

The curse of the white swan

Tears of a swan – Odette, this lake will be your prison

The duality of Odette

The duality of Odette

Swan stance

Moonlight will restore you – By night your curse is lifted and you may resume your human form Odette.

White swan rises

Odette’s curse has broken

The following don’t fit into the narrative of swan lake but were a interesting creative tangent

Angels wear pointe shoes

Odette the valkyrie

Video compilation