Behind the scenes – photo editing

There’s more to it than you think

A lot of people seem to assume the photographer’s job is done once the shutter button is hit… I wish, in fact more time is spent on the image processing than in the studio/venue, here’s an example showing some of the work which can go into a high key shot.







A lot of the ‘tricky’ poses in newborn photography are actually composites (2+ images combined together) where baby’s pose is being supported by for example a finger from different positions and then combined together to remove the fingers. This technique is also frequently used on family group shots where it can be quite challenging getting everyone to look and smile at the camera at the same time, so occasionally it’s best to the take the (flattering) faces from multiple shots and combine them into one.




Skin Smoothing

In this shot we’re going to smooth the model skin and remove a couple of moles/spot (partly disguised by makeup).



Body warping

In this shoot, the costume wasn’t tailored for our model so I’m going to warp the corset to give it a tighter fit to enhance our model’s figure, thin her arms, and lengthen her legs.



Disclaimer: While all shots will have some level of processing applied, only the very best shots of a shoot will go through the in-depth levels of editing described on this page.