Swan Lake Series

This is a series comprised of 3 separate shoots inspired by Tchaikovsky’s ballet. Originally I had done separate black & white swan shoots and finished off with a 3rd shoot “the taming of the white swan” that served as a prequel to tie together all 3 shoots to explore the creation of Odette as the cursed Swan Princess to her eventual freeing.

Models: Kaela Ferguson, Poppy Frear, Kris Wright
MUA: Rochelle Jennison-Smith
Costume: Cathryn Brown, SigRun Viking Arts, Lunas Creations

Also a special thanks to Lisa Marie Performing Arts & Athena’s Owls Sanctuary who helped to make this series possible.

Swan Lake - Odile
The hunt for the white swan
Odile’s challenge
Odette’s last stand
Clash of the swans
Rothbart’s transformation
Rothbart’s charge
The struggle
Caged bird
The taming of the white swan
The curse of the white swan
Curse of the white swan
Tears of a swan
Odile the harpy
Odile the beauty
Swan attack
The duality of Odette
The duality of Odette
Princess of the night
Moonlight will restore you
White swan rises
Odile - Swan Lake
Dark swan song
The swan princess
Swan Lake
Swan lake

Video compilation