Studio Dance shoots

As a performing arts photographer, dance is my main passion as it fuses beauty, elegance & skill in a way I’ve never seen in any other genre. Helping dancers bring out their best on camera to make insanely difficult poses look serene & aspirational is what I’m about.

I can offer popup studio shoots at your dance school or from my home studio in York. Come armed with your aspirational moodboards and costumes and we’ll make shots that will make your friends green with envy.

York dance photographer

For those strong in acro.

dance jumps

If you have already done regular dance shoots and fancied something different I can also do shoots with a twist such as powder, smoke or even light painting.

themed dance shoots

For those willing to cover the cost of costume hire and a make up artist you can let your imagination run wild.

Location Dance Shoots

I also offer location dance photoshoots around Yorkshire, which can be shared with your friends. Contact me to discuss potential locations & dates.

Yorkshire location dance shoots
Yorkshire dancers