Red tape, blah blah

I only collect the bare minimum data required to run my business, want to be addressed by name? Want your prints delivered to your home? Want me to reply to you by email? Appreciate I kinda need to to know those details then. Your details won’t be sold on and I don’t do general marketing emails.

I will occasionally approach select people I’ve worked with before on collaborative/semi-collaborative projects (don’t worry unless you’re stunningly photogenic or have access to a extremely elaborate wardrobe it’s unlikely I’ll be bothering you. Equally if I’m approached by a production company/modelling agency who are looking for recommendations, then by all means I might recommend some aspiring models/performers I’ve worked with in the past (hopefully that’s considered a nice thing to do). Again it’s unlikely but a possible use of your data.

Cookies – Cookies are used for general website traffic analytics and If you have a gallery and log in to it, the site will set a temporary cookie to keep track of your  shopping basket etc I’m sure you can see why it might break the site if you use some uber secure browser that decides to reject cookies, but you can always email in your order with the filename (please cite the 4 digits) and print size breakdown.

Right to be forgotten – It’s actually quite hard to be featured in my portfolio these days (generally speaking it’s considered bragging rights to be featured), I’ll only feature those who have given consent (via parents in the case of minors) and I’ll credit models where it’s been indicated that is their preference (far from being somekind of data breach/abuse, respecting one’s right of attribution in the creative world is considered the polite thing to do especially for aspiring models/performers who might want to get their name out) but hey whether you wish to be credited, uncredited or go under a stage name doesn’t bother me just let me know your preference and I’ll oblige. If you wish to be removed from my portfolio and you’re a regular (paying) client just let me know and I’ll oblige. In cases of collaborative projects where the model is exchanging their looks for my time/images, that’s a bit more problematic as you’re reneging on your end of the bargain and will require said model compensate me for my time/costs of the shoot before I’ll oblige.