Exploring emotional turmoil/mental illness

After going through a rough patch I became inspired to create a series based around emotional turmoil/mental illness. The first inspiration of the series was ‘Lost’ to represent the directionless and cynical haze I felt myself trapped in at the time. It ironically become a way for me to get my mojo back and kickstarted creative collaborations with models who had personal experiences with emotional turmoil.


As someone who is a introvert by nature, I find myself to be socially & politically clumsy (or straight forward as I prefer to view it). If I’m sad my face shows it, if someone asks my opinion on something, I’m the fool who answers honestly. It’s always been a fascination how others are so much more skilled in holding up a public face. So this series will also explore the idea of unmasking social veneers and what lies beneath them.



Shattered Mind v2

Model: Tyler Oakes


Repression – You can only bottle up for so long…

Model: Satoria, Dress: Wyte Phantom


Lost (v3)

Model: Eleanor G


Silver Lining

Model: Holly Fairweather, MUA: Chelsea Wharton


Weight of the world on your shoulders

Model: Kelly Marie




Model: Eleanor G


Can’t escape your demons

Model: Ellen Stones-Ryan



Model: Tyler Oakes


Failure v2

Model: Kris Wright, Retoucher: Ben Moorhouse


A bad day

Model: Ellen Stones-Ryan


Creativity is a double edge sword

MUA: Chelsea Wharton



Model: Tyler Oakes




Model: Satoria, Dresses: Wyte Phantom



Model: Tyler Oakes


I have no mouth and I must scream

Model: Ellen Stones-Ryan



I’m fine

Model: Ellen Stones-Ryan



Poison Envy

Model: Kelly Marie



Nothing is ever truly broken



You can’t handle the truth 
If we were to shine a light on ourselves and be truly honest with our flaws and darkest secrets would we stand with pride or crumble at our own self disgust?

Model: Molly Hymes



Model: Ellen Stones-Ryan



Renewal v2

Model: Holly Fairweather, MUA: Chelsea Wharton