Exploring emotional turmoil/mental illness

After going through a rough patch I became inspired to create a series based around emotional turmoil/mental illness. The first inspiration of the series was ‘Lost’ to represent the directionless and cynical haze I felt myself trapped in at the time. It ironically become a way for me to get my mojo back and kickstarted creative collaborations with models who had personal experiences with emotional turmoil.


As someone who is a introvert by nature, I find myself to be socially & politically clumsy (or straight forward as I prefer to view it). If I’m sad my face shows it, if someone asks my opinion, I’m the fool who answers honestly. It’s always been a fascination how other people can be so skilled in masking their true feelings & opinions to the point where they’re surely more akin to playing a character on stage than living their own lives. So this series will also explore the idea of unmasking social veneers and what lies beneath them.


Short compilation



Shattered Mind v2

Model: Tyler Oakes


Repression – You can only bottle up for so long…

Model: Satoria, Dress: Wyte Phantom


Renewal v2

Model: Aleshia Jane, Designer: SigRun Viking Art & Design


Toxic relationships

Model: CinnamonGaze


Screaming Inside

Model: Jermaine




Model: Sarah Thornton, MUA: Vanessa Perry, Costume: Lotus Arts

Steampunk cyborg


Silver Lining

Model: Holly Fairweather, MUA: Chelsea Wharton



Model: Tyler Oakes, MUA: Rochelle Jennison-Smith


Weight of the world on your shoulders

Model: Kelly Marie




Model: Eleanor G


Can’t escape your demons

Model: Ellen Stones-Ryan



Model: Kes Wild



Model: Tyler Oakes


Failure v2

Model: Kris Wright, Retoucher: Ben Moorhouse


A bad day

Model: Ellen Stones-Ryan



Creativity is a double edge sword

MUA: Chelsea Wharton



Model: Tyler Oakes




Model: Satoria, Dresses: Wyte Phantom


A glimmer of hope

Model: CinnamonGaze

Tidal wave


Nothing is ever truly broken



I just want to dance…

Model: Tilly



Model: Kes Wild




Model: Ellen Stones-Ryan