Getting The Most Of Your Session

The better the idea you can give me of the kind of shots you want the better I can build a shoot around them. Have a look through my portfolio and on the internet and let me know several days before the shoot. The best shoots are often a collaborative work with both client and myself working towards an idea, for example a mother requests a rainbow themed cake smash for their little girl, I can have cake customised to match and build a paper streamer set to fit the theme but I would also ask the mother to source a matching tutu and headband.

Please bring multiple changes of clothes with accessories, please ensure at least one set isn’t pure white as we’ll likely do a shoot against white background as you’ll blend into the background (conversely if you want to do shots against a black background please ensure you have a top that isn’t black). If babies are involved it’s a very good idea to have spare changes of clothes for yourselves anyway as babies have a wonderful habit of urinating/vomiting (or worse) on their parents.

Children’s temperaments on the day can be something of a lottery, please ensure you have treats (where possible try to avoid things that will stain their mouths like chocolate), bring comfort objects (say a comfort blanket/favourite teddy) which can reassure or draw your little one’s attention.

For babies, please try to book the session to coincide with a feed shortly upon arrival at the studio (babies are more relaxed after a feed). Try to keep them awake during the trip to the studio so they are more lethargic at the start of the shoot.

Accessories such as hats/headbands can be key to getting that 5 star shot, clients never regret bringing too much but I do occasionally hear clients say to themselves “Oh! If only I’d brought that” it’s safer to bring too much and have the luxury of cherry picking than to bring too little.