A Little About Me

My name is Simon Ho and I’m a York based performing arts photographer with a focus on elegant & balletic aesthetics. I chase the same ideals that many dancers (and their mums) have in their mind, they want to be that girl and I want to be the one who creates that image. They benefit from working with a photographer familiar with the technical aspects of dance who can help direct a pose closer to perfection and encourage a girl to look awesome while doing it.

I offer dance photoshoots & headshots at both my home studio and on-location. Ideal for the aspiring dancer to show off their skills and to build a portfolio.

I also do visits to dance schools for mini shoots and show coverage. I’m DBS checked, so dance teachers, if you can provide me a space I can provide a photoshoot day for your school, no cost to the school itself (proud parents pay for images), do get in touch.