A Little About Me

My name is Simon Ho and I’m a York based performing arts photographer focusing on dance and headshot work. I’ve a keen eye for elegance and over the years I’ve picked up the lingo and understanding of the technical aspects of dance, to the point where dance mums often ask if I’m ex-pro. I will pick up on things like sickled feet, turnout etc and like dance teachers I no longer understand the concept of “one more time”. I’d like to think clients will find me reassuringly passionate about getting the best out of their aspiring dancer.

I also do visits to dance schools for photoshoots and show coverage. All dance teachers need to do is provide me a space, I can setup a popup studio at your school (no cost to the school itself, parents pay only for images).

If you’ve searched for me specifically you almost certainly have been referred by a past client who can vouch for my character, please rest assured I am DBS checked, a husband and father and the most established dance photographer in my area. In the small world of dance we almost certainly have several mutual acquaintances, do get in touch and let’s get to know each other & work together.